Florence City Schools

Education Foundation

You Can Make a Difference in Education

State and Federal money pays only for state and federal programs and priorities. A community who wants their student body to shine and reflect higher standards must give attention to details only a small community can give. The long arm of government cannot possibly assure us the little details that make a school system strong, prepared, and smart -- but you can!

Below are ways you can support our schools and make a profound difference.

FCSEF Membership                            $25.00

Become a Member of the Florence City Schools Education Foundation. A strong Foundation Membership assures a community that education is a top priority in our community.

FCSEF Friend                                       $100.00


Become a Friend of the Foundation and we will, on your behalf, honor a teacher who had a positive influence in your life or your child’s life. Your name and the name of the teacher will appear in the first home game football program. (Please include teacher’s name, address, and/or phone if known)


FCSEF Partner                                     $500.00

Partners of the Foundation are a community of individuals who are very committed to education. You and a guest will receive free passage aboard the FloTown River Cruise during W.C. Handy week! This annual event is sponsored by FCSEF.


GRAND One Hundred                  $1,000.00

Members of The Grand One Hundred are invested in local public education. Members may, at no extra cost, place a foursome in our Annual FCSEF Golf Tournament which includes a Hole Sponsorship (a $500 value) as well as two tickets aboard the FloTown River Cruise ($200 value) held every July during W.C. Handy week! 

Click here to join the Grand 100 Club now!